Actually there are TWO artists, sharing that account - Feael and Nakatan. While Feael is here to deliver some outstanding digital art, Nakatan is going for traditional art and making some really good painted miniatures

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Feael&Nakatan accepting commissions

Posted by nakatan-the-seer - December 22nd, 2018

We're accepting commissions.

Drop us a message, if you interested.


Hello. I`m a digital artist and former full-time retoucher. Art is my passion. Tabletop RPGs is another passion of mine, and most of the pictures i draw related with it. I`m drawing PC and NPC characters of my games. I`m using photo references from time to time, yeah. I oftenly use for references my favorite actors and some random people, found on internet, mostly cosplayer girls. Yes, most of that is DRAWN FROM THE WHITE (okay, not always white  ) BACKGROUND. I think, with all of that hyper-realistic artists here and there this is not a wonder or something. I`m not a fan of a blind copying and photo-realism, thought, so achieving of maximal similarity with the model is NOT the point. 
So, i have some interesting things to afford. What if Brad Pitt had a role in some post-apocalyptic movie? What if Stuart Townsend acted in a heroic fantasy? What if Keanu Reeves was the nuclear wasteland scrounger, and Milla Jovovich was the pyromaniac with a ramshackle hand flamer? You can see all of this here. My female models are real sweeties, and i can even draw YOUR portrait! About commissions
Drop me a message, if you interested.


Hello, people. I`m Melnikov Ivan aka Nakatan, freelance miniature painter from Russia. I'm quite an ordinary man. I do not have any artistic gift or talent, nor any special techniques up to my sleeve. But i can show you, what can be achieved with long hard work and determination. Yes, you will see, how magic is done and will be able to do it yourself. Welcome aboard!
The miniature painting is my hobby first, but, secondly, it is my work. As most of my fellow painters, i have to take a lots of commissions pieces, that bite off a big chunk of my working time. So, as my patreon grows, i will have more opportunities for painting action-filled dioramas, sexy girls, sculpting, converting, 3d-printing and more! I will happily tell my fans about my painting and sculpting techniques and tips. Seriously, if you need to know something about my painting - ASK ME. I will answer.
What exactly you will get by joining my patreon? An acces to complete set of my WIPs, a 1-2 chances per year to advise me what i have to paint now, and what i have to paint later, a  chance to see some of my experimental projects, and my BIG THANKS. Most of this content (especially, the THANKS =) is exclusive to my blog  - my FB page and other boards getting less than a half of my WIPs. The content flow is around 1 post per week. Sometimes it`s more than that, sometimes (rarely) - less. And please, as i do not want to con you, beware - this is not typical painting patreon with tons of videos and monthly giveaways. I do not have a proper gear to cam the video tutorials on a regular basis, and the raffles are prohibited by USA laws. But, first of all, i do not want to sell my freedom and make a job out of this blog. I already HAVE a job, remember? And this is miniature painting, not on-line tutoring =). But, still, if my patron asks any question about my tips and techniques - it will be answered here to my best. So it goes, pals!
As i`m running a house, babysitting my daughter and doing some painting and sculpting in the breaks, i really have not too much of a spare time. So, if you want to chat with me about YOUR miniatures, please, choose an appropriate pledge. 
Drop me a message, if you interested.
See ya!

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